Deserving winners congratulated at Norway 2021 Outstanding Security Performance Awards

Nov 11, 2021News

The 2021 winners were announced today at a virtual awards presentation.  The esteemed panel of experts had difficult choices to make in selecting the winners from a list of finalists. 

‘The competition was very competitive and all those that were selected as finalists should feel very proud’ commented Professor Martin Gill founder of the OSPAs.  ‘The last 18-months has provided both challenges and opportunities and all the recipients clearly demonstrated that they were the very best from both suppliers and buyers of security’ he further added.

The 2021 Norway winners are:

Beste nye sikkerhetsprodukt / Outstanding New Security Product
Ava Cloud Connector – Ava Security
Ava Security is a global technology company that was founded to create a better, smarter way to deliver security. Ava’s vision is to help organizations monitor, understand, and act on threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. Ava offers human-centric data loss protection solutions and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data. With machine learning, they recognize and investigate patterns accurately to get the whole threat picture.

Fremragende intern leder for sikkerhet / Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director
Glenn Pettersen – Equinor
In his function as Head of Security and Emergency Preparedness Exploration Business area for Equinor, Glenn Pettersen raised a new type, and higher attention to threat from NGO’s and a way of collaboration that was recognized as a new good practice of how to manage operational, strategic and reputational risk stemming from NGO’s in the oil and gas industry. His engagement motivated other operators, security professionals and industry actors to join and actively take part in driving this new way of managing NGO risk.

I am grateful for the nomination and the award! I would use the opportunity to give credit to all stakeholders which positively responded to our approach of strengthening a principle of interaction across sectors, and particularly acknowledge the contribution from partners and operator security functions. While acknowledging the right to protest, our focus was to reduce the momentum of surprise, joint situational understanding and increased safety of both activists and personnel involved. I would claim the reputational risks have been reduced among companies impacted, authorities and even Environmental NGO’s. I’ve learned a lot, and believe the Collaboration has resulted in a safer operational environment where we were able to a greater extent anticipate and predict Threat and Risk while confident of focus to safety controls.

Glenn Pettersen, former Head of Security and Emergency Preparedness Exploration, Equinor

Fremragende sikkerhetsrådgiver / Outstanding Security Consultant
Telenor Global Business Security
Telenor Global Business Security (GBS) was established as a strategic and global function to address cybersecurity as a critical capability in Telenor Group in 2015. GBS has spearheaded the change in Telenor’s security transformation and has through systematic security leadership had a measurable impact across Telenor. Through GBS’ work, security has become an integrated part of Telenor’s business and technology strategy, and the results are measured through two strategic KPI’s for security culture and maturity at the board.

Lifetime Achievement
Ola Stavnsborg
Ola Stavnsborg regarded by many as a marked figure in the security environment having started out as a police officer before joining Varner Group and Pegasus Kontroll – and latterly Olav Thon Guppen.  Throughout Ola’s career he has helped to define security in hotels and shopping centres and has inspired and developed people who have benefited from his knowledge. Ola’s passion and enthusiasm has driven the industry to think differently, focusing on quality rather than quality; his ability to build relationships with competitors, suppliers and customers led judges to note that Ola is a unique leader and role model with a positive attitude that influences those he works with.   A deserving recipient – well done Ola.

I am deeply humbled to receive this prize, it came as a surprise and I am very proud of this achievement.

To get this prize gives me a certain confirmation that I am on the right track on how I am working and thinking about security in my daily work life. I have been questioning the security industry and asked if the industry maybe a little bit conservative and not up to date, to be able to keep up with the criminals. I mean that we need to use more technical solutions together with the physical solutions we have today. To be able to do this the suppliers and developers must be able to keep up with the changes in technology and how the criminals are thinking. Data Privacy is also a key factor that must be implemented in a good way when more and more technical systems are being used.

My current employer The Olav Thon Group gives me the opportunity to work independently, and here Olav Thon has a very simple mindset to this which I also use when I meet suppliers: Why should we have this and what do we get in return for this? If these questions can’t be answered in a good way, we will not implement it.

Ola Stavnsborg, Olav Thon Gruppen

The Norway OSPAs is organised in partnership with NOSIF and Aktuell Sikkerhet are the official media partner.

Winners will be presented with their trophies and certificates at NOSIF annual meeting on 24th November in Oslo.

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